All Singing All Dancing 2015

This section of works from Ashli’s collaboration  with several conservation organizations she worked with in 2015: the National Audubon Society, the International Rhino Foundation, the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary of Indonesia, and the Elephant Nature Park of Thailand.

These are all a product of Ashli Sisk’s ruminations on the complex and sometimes disparate feelings and motivations surrounding climate change. This work is combination of Ashli’s most optimistic feelings about the future of the humans, conflicting with too many examples of hubris dooming entire ecosystems across the planet. Pollinators canoodle around the bouquets, omens of multi-species cooperation for a better future, while we fritter the world’s resources away, thinking there is plenty of time to stop. We fly rhinos to other rhinos in hopes to help them save themselves. This work is about the human experience of watching ecosystems fall apart in our hands, and the struggle to save them.

In cooperation from several countries and organizations, the Cincinnati Zoo prepares to ship Harapan, one of the last 100 Sumatran Rhinoceros on the planet, from the United States back to Sumatra, where he can breed with other Sumatran Rhinos. Though the rain forests and wild spaces are dwindling in Sumatra due to illegal burning of forests for farm land to produce coffee and palm oil, the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary is an example of native people and western experts coming together to create a positive shift in a population.

The art of still-life painting has long been coded with notions of human mortality, value and gender. The flower market of the modern world is a globalized industry and exchanges flights of tons of flowers into the US to satisfy the demand. The flower market represents the very best of human innovation to preserve and appreciate flower species, and the use of GMOs to satisfy our eyes and noses. Our drive for flowers and our innovations around them demonstrate our potential to eventually navigate some solutions to species loss and climate change during this 6th extinction event.

All Singing All Dancing 0301


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Sumatran Rhino Stack
Oil on Canvas Coffee lids, beads


Solve for Sanctuary
Oil on CanvasSisk05

Egg tempera on paper